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KR Sport, my fabulous team worked tirelessly to ensure my kit was in great shape with all electrics replaced but even still on practice day we were frustrated by yet more electrical failures.


Once resolved we got racing and this time we would be able to race!


I topped my quali group positioning me fourth overall and followed this up with a heat win and a heat P2.


Final one I crossed the line second which should have delivered P2 for the grand final but having never driven X30 in the dry before I outbraked myself and tagged the winner costing me a 10s penalty for my nose cone being out of position. It was only the smallest bit in but very costly, in such a close race it demoted me to 17th for final two. It was my own fault and ultimately why only 8th was possible in the grand final.

X30 Senior - A series I didn't expect to race!

Of all the classes I expected to race in 2017, Iame X30 Senior wasn't one of them!


All my winter testing had been in OK Junior so I was anticipating driving a Vortex and Vega package and secondly I hadn't anticipated being forced into Senior karting a year before I wanted to, (my 2017 news page explains why this happened).


Keeping race fit is important and although I have exams to think about there was no choice with the demise at Super One of Senior Rotax but to jump into X30 or not be challenged.


Round one in Rowrah was a nightmare for us. We had never raced this class before and the rain hell across the Cumbrian Hills torrentially at times.


The very first race on day one ended with a mechanical failure with the temperamental electrics shorting out. Regretfully this exact same issue cut short final one with final two ending in an early crash when I got caught by a spinning kart exiting a hairpin.


This was not the start we hoped for, only finishing one of four key races was massively disappointing and pointed at why I had never expected to race X30.


After much discussion we decided to race it again as there was no other racing planned outside of Europe and so we trecked back to Rowrah two weeks later, would it be any better?



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Although I remained unimpressed with the engine I had to put this run of results right so we went to Whilton Mill in Daventry focussed on the best result possible. The grid has some highly talented drivers including a World Champion so it wouldn't be easy!


This time I was second in my timed quali group and seventh overall and raced to a fourth and a second in the heats.


I followed this up with a third in final one and a very creditable second in final two. Finally the results we deserved. All respect to the winner and to the third placed driver for some superb and clean racing.


The next round is in Fulbeck later in June and I will be deciding whether to race that very soon.

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