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Last weekend was my first weekend at Super One and it was certainly an eye opener!


Thanks to Next Gen and Martyn my kart was very well set up and I had the equipment to do very well, all I had to do was produce the results on track.


Saturday started in the most dreadful conditions, the IAME drivers were put in two groups, after first practice I was sixth fastest overall and was really feeling positive, the first group had their second practice and then racing was postponed. Eventually they restarted racing but abandoned my second practice instead going straight to times qualifying. I think this disadvantaged the second IAME group and was really unfair.


It was my first TQ and I didn’t really understand that it would set both of my heat starts. I tried to find some empty track in TQ and didn’t get it right, I backed off in sector three on my hottest lap and it cost me dearly, whereas I might have been 10th or 11th I was 25th, a major disappointment.


Driving in S1 is so different to clubs, I was pushed all over the place on the track and was very sure that in my races if I was pushed I needed to be more positive, to hold my line and not yield to ‘bullying’ on track.


My heat grids were 16, I finished 17 in heat 1 and 10 in heat two having been bounced on and off the track several times!

Finals day was at least dry, practice was great and I was fifth fastest overall, we were looking forward to some good racing but at 20th on the grid it was going to be very hard.


Final one I ended up off the track in the melee at the start, from the very back I managed to get up to 23rd with some great battles and was devastated to get a 5 place penalty for what I thought was a fair move on a kart that was defending for two laps. Neither us nor his side thought it was an unfair move but the CoC did and it cost me dearly. They didn’t do anything about other incidents where I was over the grass but in this where we both stayed on track but he lost his place I was penalised, to say I was annoyed is an understatement.


Final two was much better and although I can’t say I was happy with my 21st place from 28th, at least I stayed on the track and my times were good. Everyone at S1 is a good driver and making up places is incredibly hard.


For every start I was on the ‘wrong’ side of the grid, the one time I was on the right side they penalised me, it was a difficult weekend.

I have learnt a lot and have to thank my new sponsors Pitwall, David and Paul of Next-Gen for their support and encouragement, of course Martyn Smithers who as always did all that he could possibly do and my Dad for standing in the rain cheering me on.


The next race is at Glan Y Gors in June, I have only had one day on the track and it will be a tough one, I know what I have to do now and I know that this season I will get better and better.

The Super One season kicks of with a very difficult weekend.