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Round 2 of Super One was held at Shenington Kart track near Banbury over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of May in mostly dry conditions.


I hadn't had the best of rounds in Rowrah and knew that to stay in touch I needed good points at Shenington. Martyn and Ash my team managers had put in lots of behind the scenes effort with my equipment and we had spent two days testing so we knew we were in good shape for round two.


Friday practice was brilliant, we were the fastest pretty much all day trading places with team mate Zac and a few others, I was feeling really really confident overnight.


Timed Qualifying went pretty well and I took sixth but with 0.07 between me and second you can see just how close this grid was. Heat one I finished second and heat two third, this gave me grid 2 for the prefinal on Sunday.


At the start my kart bogged a little giving eight karts enough time to pass me, this was going to be tough and I had to keep my head and drive the best I could. I did just that and by lap 17 was in the lead but with no one giving up the lead was snatched from me and I fell back to fifth with no time to get back before the chequered flag. This meant I would start in fifth for the Grand Final.


This time I was determined to get a clean start, my team mate in pole didn't though and I had to swing out to pass him, I was in fourth but the two guys at the front were already a second down the road and pulling away. I tried to work with an ex team mate but it wasnt working, they were still moving ahead so I had to go through and just get my head down. I was joined by Mark Kimber (DHR) and the two of us recognised that the only way to get to the front was not to fight and to just drive together. We reeled in the two front runners and within a few laps we were at the front but no one was going to give up, the lead changed hands six times as we fought to take the win.


With two laps to go I was in the front and this time I wasn't going to give in. I held my nerve and took the chequered flag and my first British Championship round win.


It was one of the best and cleanest races I have ever driven in. The standard of driving in both finals was really good with every driver taking the smallest of opportunities but being fair at all times. The Clerk congratulated us all after the race.


I am thrilled to have gained this win, Martyn, Ash and everyone who supported me deserved this and I have to thank them all.


I am now fifth in the tables with five rounds to go, one of which can be dropped. Fingers crossed for more of the same!!


Triumph at Shenington in round two of the British Championships

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"One of the best races I have ever been in..."