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I made a good start in race one and set about hunting down the X30's, Setting the fastest lap I caught and carved my way through the X30's finishing a comfortable 4 seconds ahead of the nearest other Junior Max and just .4s off second overall!


Race two wasn't quite such plain sailing, this one I started last. When passing a novice in X30 he seemed surprised to have a kart come through so fast and I had to take avoiding action as he turned in on me. It wasn't a problem, I got though and won but it cost me time mid race and although I won again I didn't get the fun of really racing with the X30's as much.


Timed Quali is always good for getting like paced drivers together and avoids the risks when having to go through drivers racing each other who are 2s+ a lap slower than you but it's not widely done outside of major championships.


I was happy to get my first Junior Max win in my first race at Shenington and to start my 2016 racing.


Thanks to my Dad, Martyn, Ash and everyone who has helped me not forgetting MK Community Foundation and SportMK for their valuable support.

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Snow disrupts racing as we take a maiden Junior Max victory

With my brand new Kosmic chassis to put down I can't say I was impressed to see that it had snowed overnight.


For a while it looked like there might not be any racing as I arrived at Shenington for my first Junior Max race there and my first race of 2016.


After a long delay and parents enjoying using their vehicles on track to break down the snow, (including one collision!) racing finally got underway just before midday. Racing had to be shortened to two 10 minute races with the highest placed in both winning.


Junior Max shared the track with Junior X30 with the marginally faster X30's going out half a track ahead of us.

* Picture is from PFI courtesy of Kartpix but is used to show the new Kosmic Junior Max Kart