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Round one of the 2016 Super One British Championships was held at Rowrah in Cumbria over 19th and 20th March. Rowrah is a challenging 1030 metre track with a tight chicane right at the start, often the scene of first lap carnage, two hairpins, a winding section and a downhill section with some tricky cambers thrown in. The area has it’s own microclimate and is known for changeable conditions but the weather was mercifully kind to the racers and the event was a great success.


Joe challenged himself with a step up to Junior Max for 2016, this would be the first time he’d been at the track in this faster and more demanding class; most of his competitors were there the weekend before for the Open Championship which Joe couldn't compete in due to funding.


Saturday morning practice was lost due to a very expensive crash on the out lap so he went straight into qualifying a little on the back foot, unsure if the repairs would affect his kart in any way and without the benefit of fresh data. He was in p3 but a 2/10ths loss in one sector on the last lap dropped him back to p10. This meant he had to start both heats from P10 which is a highly undesirable outside line.


He finished his heats P6 and P3 giving him a highly respectable grid 3 for final one.


Final one he was in P2 when he was forced onto the grass and held there in a reckless move which could have ended his race but Joe managed to get back into the pack and although he had dropped several places and now had filthy slicks he stormed back and setting the fastest lap, (and the event lap record) finished P4, it was a race he should have won and was more than a little frustrating.


Final two he had to start P4, again the outside, this dropped Joe back a few places and the front two managed to pull out a big gap, around 2 seconds, as Joe carved through the traffic. Once free he set some blistering laps. The driver in P2 sensed Joe’s arrival on his tail and started going for moves on P1 which held Joe back as to go for a move on him might have resulted in a coming together. Eventually Joe was able to get past and closed back in on P1. On the penultimate lap he went wide having got caught on some debris from another drivers excursion off track but managed to pull back the three kart lengths he dropped going into the final lap.


In a very tense final lap the driver in P1 (his team mate) defended hard, this slowed them so much that the driver in P3 was now attacking Joe so with an eye on the driver in front and behind Joe elected to let P1 go and to bank P2 defending the position from P3. A wise move so early in the season.


Joe earned richly deserved podium coming second place to his team mate setting the fastest lap in every race and holding the event lap record.


This was a brilliant start to the season but with six more rounds there will be nothing left to chance and Joe will be working hard to be fully prepared for every round.


Motors TV televised this race and it will be screened in early April.


Joe will be racing in round two at Rissington in Gloucestershire over the weekend of 23rd and 24th April, live timing is on the Tag Heuer live timing website, can he repeat his success in round one…don’t bet against it!


Joe would benefit enormously from a partner to share his success, publicity and enjoy a season of top flight racing. A sponsor would help him attend more races, access top equipment and access other much needed resources. In return he would offer publicity opportunities, can attend events, and welcome sponsors to top flight racing weekends across the UK. Do you know of an organisation that would consider sponsoring him?  Please contact joe@joeturney.co.uk if you think you can help.


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Turney sets the pace at British Championships first round 2016

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