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Quali didn't go quite the way we hoped with six drivers separated by 1/10th and me finishing in 10th. It wasn't great, it meant that both of my heats would be on the outside but I wasn't too disappointed.


Heat 1 was pretty good, I managed to get up to 7th. We made a few changes for the second heat to give me a bit more pace and I went out for Heat 2 pretty positive and despite making a reasonable start I got caught up in someone elses crash in the wet and was last by lap three!! I fought my way back to 16th and that gave me grid 10 for the pre final.



The prefinal I finished 14th after a really difficult race where so much fighting cost a few of us the chance to move forward.


The final I went of grid 14, by lap three I was up to 9th and moving quickly forward. I passed a driver who should have sensibly slipstreamed me to the front but instead he went straight back in on me pushing me wide. I took up the line again before his team mate drove me off the track. I have watched this on the Go Pro and video and there was no way that it wasn't on purpose. He got a warning flag, in fact live timing shows he got four warnings but no penalty post race. Because of his unpunished actions I was back in 18th and with dirty tyres had to get back into the race. I finished 13th, far less than we deserved.


I was one of the fastest drivers and should have done better. The guys at the front drive with their heads, they follow the faster guys and attack later in the race, the mid pack just worry about taking the place, and that's what keeps the mid pack from catching the front runners. It is so frustrating.


It's only round one and I am now 11th in the championships so it's not too bad. I have Shenington next and am ready to really score some points. I have spent two days testing and we know we have a great package to take to Shenington so bring it on!.


Thanks as always to Martyn, Ash at KR- Sport and my Dad for all the help and support.

Round one fails to deliver the results we deserved

We raced two weeks before the Super One round at the Rowrah club meeting to make sure I had learnt the track in a minimax and to get set up right. I had finished sixth with a fastest lap in one of the heats at that meeting and so we felt pretty confident that we were ready to race in teh championships. That race was against the majority of the Super One field and we all enjoyed a good weeked of clean racing.


We entered Super One hoping that standards would be as high and our performance as good.

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