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He went into finals day on Sunday with a very secure pole but was the weather going to create uncertainty as dark clouds loomed? Could anyone challenge this dominant driver who had led every lap of every race?


Showing real class he picked up exactly where he had left off the day before and in final one he once again totally dominated taking yet another lights to flag victory eventually winning by almost three seconds.


As he sat on the grid for final two the spots of rain fell upon his visor, racing quickly got underway and this time he was under pressure from the start, the track was becoming slippery, the lead changed several times before he was brushed by another driver costing him a six tenths, allowing a new leader to make a break and forcing Joe to slot back into 4th place. He battled hard and got back to second place setting some blistering laps significantly faster than the eventual winner but time ran out and he finished in a highly creditable second place.


He took the event record being the only driver over the weekend to break the 42s barrier.


Two races in and Joe is positioned second place in the British Championships table just four points off the lead. The next round is at Buckmore in Kent in June, who would bet against another dominant display from this rapidly emerging talent?

Turney shows real class at Rissington Super One

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The British Championship kart driver showed his class at round two of the 2016 championships setting the event lap record, winning three out of four races and coming second in the other.


Gloucestershire’s Rissington Kart circuit played host to round two of the televised British Championships (Super One) over the weekend of 23rd and 24th May. The 907 metre track is widely appreciated as being technically demanding with a series of corners and complexes and no long straights. Power is important but skilful driving is essential to command this difficult circuit.


Joe threw down the gauntlet very early on with impressive testing times following this up with a commanding pole position in Saturday qualifying. Pole position was a great advantage but with talented and predatory Super One drivers on his bumper the smallest of errors would be punished severely. Joe showed his class and controlled both races leading from lights to flag in both heats pulling out a lead all the time.