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My race day was just brilliant from start to finish. My confidence was high, I knew I had the equipment at last and all I had to do was just keep it on the track and do as good a job on the track as they had done with my kit.


Heat 1 I had grid 11 and came in first, heat 2 I won again from grid 2 with a decent 2 second lead setting a new club lap record and heat three once again from grid 7 I took the win…a clean sweep but all you racers know the race is a totally different story and the pressure was definitely on.


I made a decent start and I was immediately under pressure from a driver known to be very quick at PFI and the pressure was relentless for the 10 minute race, he was on my tail from start to finish. As we came round for the final lap I knew I had to defend but couldn’t throw it away on the last lap. As we went into the hairpin I took a defensive line and covered off any switchback and pulled out the smallest of gaps and took the chequered just .22s ahead of him and a massive 15s ahead of the fourth driver home.


My fastest lap record was taken by the driver in P2 who in my slipstream did a 1:06.85 while I achieved 1:06.92 leading but it was good to know that on the day I was unbeatable in a race.


It was a great weekend and my team and Martyn Smithers, my engineer could not have got the kart better set up, it was amazing to drive. It was not just great for me, my IAME driving team mate Kiern Jewiss won the LGM race making it a Next-Gen dominated weekend.


We still have more work to do on my engine and will be testing again if weather allows, before I go for my second round of Super 1 at the end of this month in Glan Y Gors. I have never raced there but have been there for two days of testing so I hope to catch up quickly and put in a good result for my sponsors Pitwall, Cranfield University of Motorsport and or course for my team Next-Gen.


In the mean time I will be keeping race fit by running in a club round at Shenington in two weeks time.

Following two hard days of testing we were unbeatable at PFI

I returned to PFI in June where I have previously never enjoyed a great deal of good fortune. It is a very challenging circuit but one where engine performance is highly critical and previously it is an area where we have been lacking and I have been learning.


With new team Next-Gen Motorsport under the management of David Bellchambers and Paul Munn there is no way that was going to happen again. A full day’s engine testing on Friday left me blisteringly fast and with blistering hands! On Saturday we were joined by the competitors in the Little Green Man competition and my pace was equal to, if not faster than the best of them. I would have loved to run with them on Sunday but because we tested on the Friday we weren’t allowed.