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The final round of the 2015 British Championships was held over the last weekend of September at the prestigious and widely recognised challenging 1382 metre PF International Circuit near Grantham, Lincolnshire.


Having finished on the podium at the British Kart Grand Prix there just a few weeks before Turney felt deservedly confident arriving for the Super One decider.


Taking the championship series win was beyond him but there was a chance he could finish anywhere between 5th or 8th.


Testing seemed to go well but on the day of qualifying there was much head scratching as the pace of Turney and the KR-Sport team seemed to fall away. Qualifying 15th was a big disappointment and this would be his starting place for all of his heats.


The team worked into the night and with the solution found Turney went out with confidence for both of his heats which he finished 9th and 5th in, both from 15th.


These combined gave him a P6 grid position for the pre final.


The start made uncomfortable viewing as early grip issues saw him fall back through the field to as low as 10th but he stayed calm and when his grip came in he steadily worked his way through the racing pack to get into the lead with five laps to go. Once there he was never giving it up and he pulled a solid lead to take the first final of the day.


Going off pole is never easy with the pressure firmly on you, at the final round it's even harder with many of the drivers desperate for points for the higher place in the rankings.


Turney got off well and after exchanging positions once with another driver he took the lead and pulled out a near 1 second gap before a serious collision near the end of the race resulted in a a short red flag before the result was called and he was declared the winner.


It's always nicer to take the chequered flag but Turney was ahead and pulling away, he was well in control and never looked likely to be caught.


This result placed Turney 5th in 2015, just 13 points off third place in the series in his first minimax season. He was one of only two drivers to take multiple Grand Final wins in 2015 reinforcing the talent of the driver and the quality of the team.


Karting is a team sport with one man the standard bearer. Joe can only achieve so highly because of the total dedication and commitment of his KR-Sport race team. The immense attention to detail on all of his equipment and detailed analysis of his driving all combine to make KR-Sport and Joe Turney a winning team.


What will 2016 bring? New and tougher challenges...watch this space!


"What a way to end the season..."

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Turney dominates winning both finals at the final round

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