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Turney attends Night of Champions to collect iZone Motorsport UK Young Driver of the Year award

Hannah White first asked: “Joe, a huge congratulations. I’ve seen big trophies in photos, winning last year. Quite a year for you. Now, forgive my naivety but your day at Silverstone with these three other drivers, what did it entail? What did you need to do to win this trophy?”


Joe answered: “So there were three other drivers… and we were basically on the Formula car sim at iZone, on the GT sim as well and in the gym so it was a competitive environment where a driver from GTs, rallying and karting as well went head-to-head and luckily I came out on top!”


Hannah then asked: “Why do you think you won as a karter? Why do you think we haven’t seen a karter come before? Do you think this is a real representation of karting really taking hold in the UK?”


Joe answered: “I think my results this year helped quite a lot…”


Hannah then quipped: “You can just say you are brilliant and that’s why you won! That’s OK!”


Joe responded “Yeah! And then on the day I think I performed well so…”


Hannah gestured towards Joe and patted him on the back, remarking: “There you are, you are brilliant. Well done, Joe Turney!”


Turney was honoured to be amongst some of motorsport’s greats and to be recognised for his impressive achievements over 2018. Recognition of a karting star within Motorsport UK’s honour roll certainly signifies a promising advance towards greater recognition of karting and the talent within the sport by the governing body.


It is with thanks to Motorsport UK for hosting such a brilliant evening, to the AASE programme for the opportunity to compete for the award and to iZone for hosting the day of examinations at their fantastic facility in Silverstone and for providing such a brilliant prize.

Joe Turney, 17, recently travelled to Pall Mall in London to attend one of the most glamorous nights in motorsport, the Night of Champions. Held at the Royal Automobile Club building, the event hosted many well-known names such as Jean Todt and Colin Turkington. Turney was invited by Motorsport UK to receive his Young Driver of the Year award, an accolade achieved after a year of incredible results and a rigorous day of testing at iZone. To read more on how Joe won the award, click here.


Joe’s award was introduced by Steve Rider, he received his trophy from Dave Richards CBE and was interviewed by Hannah White.


Steve Rider introduced Joe: “Final award in this section is the iZone Motorsport UK Young Driver of the Year and that is Joe Turney from Milton Keynes. It is an accolade awarded each year to a member of the Motorsport UK academy’s AASE programme, delivered in conjunction with Loughborough College. This is essentially a sports science course focussing on all the human performance elements that combine to create highly skilled and highly successful drivers. Joe, 17, won a four-way shoot-out at Silverstone, earning the judges’ unanimous endorsement to win a training package with iZone and he is the first karter to win the award. Joe Turney, iZone Motorsport UK Young Driver of the Year.”

Could you benefit from being a sponsor of this highly talented driver? Get in touch, joe@joeturney.co.uk and share an amazing journey.

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