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MSA British Senior Vice Champion 2017

Conditions for the final two rounds at the prestigious PFI circuit near Grantham were testing for the drivers and mechanics with changeable conditions for both rounds forcing last minute set up changes.


It was clear that numerous drivers had invested heavily in engine enhancements which was not really in the spirit of the class but not outside of the rules which will hopefully be addressed if the class is to be saved for 2018.


The series promoters had allowed a large number of guest drivers which although great to race altered the outcome of the Championship with one guest wiping Turney out in final two on day one. There was also the issue of one championship driver getting two push starts from track marshalls which no other driver did and no one should have had.


All of the above conspired to rob Turney of important points and ultimately the MSA Champion 2017 title, however to take the vice champion title in his first year in senior racing is a brilliant achievement and is a measure of the capability of this highly talented driver.


Turney has various offers for 2018 and will be considering these over winter.

Joe Turney took the brave leap into Senior karting in 2017 recognising that as a very young driver at only 15 years old he would be tested at every level.


To keep race fit he ran out in X30 senior for much of the season but he did not pursue a seeded number as this was not the focus of his season with the faster OK class which is the official MSA British Championship class being his preferred choice.


Tyres played a major part in the results at Clay Pigeon for rounds one and two with drivers saving the super soft tyres by missing races to have far more grip and the ability to win the grand finals. This was addressed in the points structure for the final four rounds.


Turney took an immediate lead in the championship table but this was not to last with engine performance issues at Shenington and eventually a seize to finish off a difficult two rounds.


Nonethless in timed qualifying at Shenington Turney equalled the fastest lap ever recorded from any class at the circuit with a stunning 39.94s lap however as it was not set in a race but in qualifying it cannot be recorded officially.

Could you benefit from being a sponsor of this highly talented driver? Get in touch, joe@joeturney.co.uk and share an amazing journey.

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