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Saturday is always a very busy and hard day with practice, TQ, and two heats to compete in to line up finals day on the Sunday. In practice I was well on the pace and with changeable weather conditions to deal with we made some changes to the kart and when we went out for TQ I lost 6ths off my earlier practice time, I just couldn't get any more out of it and we were all disappointed with 31st ouit of 38. A few tenths is massive at S1.


Both of my heats went well, from the back of the grid I finished 11th and 8th which meant that I had grid 13 for the pre final. We had made it hard for ourselves but a top 15 grid start was a good place to be in for Sunday.


I had a great start at the beginning of final one and was somewhere around 10th when I was totally put on the grass by another driver and having lost a lot of places I drove out of my skin but then caught my nosecone on a kart and span myself, my fault but the result was back to 24th for final 2.


Final 2 was a very demanding race, I got a good start and drove my best to get through the field. Two laps from the end I was in 8th place and then a kart hit the one behind me which then hit me, five karts went through and although I managed to get one back it was a shame that my best finish was taken from me. I finished 13th.


What is amazing is the total lack of penalties at this S1, out of all the practices, heats and finals only one cadet got a 5pl penalty and not one was excluded. I wish I could say that  the absence of penalties reflected driving excellence on track but that is simply not the case. I was twice the victim of incidents and I know other drivers were too. Anyone watching a Super 1 round will know there is some very aggressive driving and it is implausable that 38 cadets drove at an exemplary standard all weekend, those who had bent chassis will know this very well.


Thanks again to everyone who supports me especially Martyn, Pitwall, Next-Gen and my family.


PF is next in September, I haven't been there for a while...fingers crossed.

The S1 roller coaster ride continues at Clay Pigeon

Round 3 of Super One was held over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th August in mixed but mostly dry conditions.


I had been down to Clay a couple of weeks before for a practice with Martyn and we had been really strong against a largely S1 grid so I was hopeful for this round that a good result was definitely possible.


Martyn Smithers was once again running me and as Clay was one of his old racing tracks we knew what we needed to do. We worked together on the Friday to steadily improve my pace and get the best out of me and my kart.


As always it was a really demanding day but I managed to get in a few good sessions and we were hopeful for a reasonable result in Timed Qualifying.