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Catching the Pigeon at Clay

Joe Turney_4814_(web)

Turney takes the lead in the MSA Championship title race

It became immediately obvious in final two that those drivers who did not race final one had massive grip on their new or newer tyres and it was no surprise that with between 7/10ths- 1s a lap advantage that they locked out the podium taking the highest scoring race, the bonus points and the recognition of the podium. Effectively there was two races, one with all of us who had raced final one and those who didn't.


We suspected this might happen again in day two but hoped no one would tyre save and everyone would race. However having taken pole again and this time finishing p3 in final one it again became apprent that final two would again be dominated by those who didn't race or finish final one for whatever reason. Once again this happened although I did hang on with bare tyres to take third.


This is a great class, a great motor and some really talented drivers competing but the situation with tyres has to be dealt with before round three. We must have equality as much as possible and becasue of the compound of these tyres a 15+ minute race is massive degradation. The MSA are aware and Super One management is now trying to resolve this and if all drivers approve a change then this could be resolved. Let's hope all drivers want to race and strategy is left for those racing in F1.


I left Clay leading the Senior British Championships but with many points lost through the events that unfolded due to tyres.


The next two rounds are at Shenington Race Circuit at the end of August.


Thanks to KR-Sport for great equipment and set up, Cream Racing Engines, my Dad for the push start and being a top mechanic and to all my team mates for a great weekend which was hard but great fun.


Finally the series that I had wanted to race in started over the first weekend of June at the short but demanding Clay Pigeon circuit in Dorset. Less than 1000m a lap meant that each one would be completed in less than 35s in the super powered and highly grippy package.


With no electrics to afflict us we were immediately fast and loving the less complicated motor. Whereas Rotax was fixed jetting the OK is something I can adjust as I drive to maximise performance and to protect the motor.


The format for this MSA British Champion title series would be different to the other Super One events. Two days would provide two rounds each one comprising Quali, Final one and Final two. Due to the rapid detrioration of the supersoft tyre 34 points are awarded for quali (to prevent tyre saving) with a maximum of 34 available for final one and 64 for final two with a 3 point fastest lap bonus in final two.


Quali went exactly as planned taking pole in a massively close field. Final one went well but I fell to 4th near the end, this didn't trouble me, a few adjustments and we could win final two. Five of the 14 drivers either didn't start or didn't finish final one for all manner of reasons.

Joe Turney_5096_(web)

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