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Brubeck and Turney partner for Formula 4 season

As Turney starts his sensational entry to single seater cars with Carlin Motorsport in Formula 4 he is delighted to announce his collaboration with luxury sports clothing company Brubeck.


Brubeck Body Guard is Europe’s leading designer and producer of 3D seamless knitwear for thermo-active sportswear (Active Line) as well as cotton and Merino wool underwear (Comfort Line); all manufactured using functional advanced natural and man-made yarns.


When it comes to thermo-active clothing, design involves much more than just sketching a shape of a garment. Comfort, style and functionality are all critical to sports clothing, Brubeck apply solutions based on scientific research, experience of professional athletes and their own proprietary knowledge. It is those qualities that are appreciated by althletes around the world.


Brubeck's collaboration with Turney will see him working with them in evaluating base layer clothing used in motorsport as they develop their lines for this demanding marketplace.


Magdelena Korpetta, Business Manager of Brubeck said,  "When looking for a motorsport partner to work with the choice was obvious, Joe's achievements and his knowledge of the sport and what drivers need from their clothing provides us with a valuable partner. We are delighted to support him on his racing journey".


Turney said, " I'm proud to add Brubeck to my brand endorsements and sponsors. Their products are incredibly good quality and I am looking forward to wearing them and providing useful feedback to them as they continue to develop for the motorsport market".

For more information go to


E-mail: sales@brubeck.co.uk

Tel. UK sale office:+44 (0) 7547 853 112

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Brubeck join Arai and Tuto Money as sponsors for Turney's 2019 season.


With Turney's talent and Brubeck's backing 2019 could be an incredible year for the Carlin Formula 4 driver.


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