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The two racedays are two separate events which combine at the end of the weekend. Each day there would be qualifying and then two races (finals), his finishing place in final one dictating his grid spot for final two. Points from all four races are then added together and that determines the winner and podium places.


Day one qualifying was tough and very close as expected with Joe taking 12th.


In a clean but demanding race he finished P9 in final one.


Final two was Joe at his best, he was flipped up into the air at the start and amost rolled, he regained control but he left corner one almost last. Knowing that European racing provides 15 minutes plus a lap he knew he had time and he made up around 20 places and crossed the line in 5th! It was an immense effort of gritty determination combined with really talented driving.


Day two he had really mastered the circuit and te advantage of the other drivers faded, in an improved qualificatio of the incredibly tight field (the top 20 drivers were separated by 1 second over the 1,450m track).


He was well in control and from 7th he finished his first final third and went one better in final two and having led for most of the race eventually finished 2nd.


This placed him third over the weekend and a well deserved first European podium as well as top rookie. Unfortunately he couldn't collect his trophies as he had to leave for the train back to the UK but he will get them in Genk for the final round in September.

BNL round two brings maiden European Silverware

After such an impressive maiden visit to Europe for the first of the three round BNL series in Genk it was almost impossible not to get Joe back out for round two.


Round two was held at the Ostricourt circuit in June and once again it presented Joe with the challenge of racing against seasoned local and European drivers at a circuit he had never visited before.


Ostricourt is a very tricky circuit, very windy and very dusty which adversely affects grip, there is also a significant slipstream to be had because of the wind.  


In Friday practice he was a little off the pace, it was very wet and then dry and he was almost there but a few tenths were needed. It was his first time there so changing conditions didn’t help him settle in much. So with only 15 dry laps we would go into qualifying the next day.

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