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Day two quali was a little better with fourth and final one was a hard race with lots of changes in position but fifth on the grid and the inside line was easily a place to win from.


We all closed up for the rolling start and despite trying to brake the weight of karts behind bearing down on my rear bumper was too great and I could feel the front lifting, once up in the air I was relentlessly pushed until every wheel was off the ground and I was a passenger.


Below you can see some of the photos captured by Michael Melis showing the sequence of events and how the kart behind just kept pushing although I suspect he was being pushed too. Sadly the driver in front of me was out of the race with engine damage and a sore shoulder.


I was last at the point I finally extracted my kart from his but drove my heart out to recover to 7th.


No drivers were penalised for this "loading" at the start and how no bumper penalties were caused remains a comstant mystery to me.


Disappointing overall but this is only the start of the series and there is much left to do.

BNL maiden senior race marred by start line crash

The story of Genk is how close I was to a maiden win in my maiden senior race in Europe.


Practice had gone well for us and all of the KR Sport drivers and we went into the double header race weekend optimistic of delivering some great results.


I was immediately as fast as any of the seniors on the grid and despire carrying massive amounts of lead to make the weight my kart set up was perfected and we were very optimistic of a good result over the weekend.


Day one quali wasn't great as I didn't get the track position and tow which is so essential in Genk but I know I could race through from ninth and I did taking a creditable second in final one.


In final two though I was run off the track by a British driver and had to come back from last eventually taking 15th. Disappointing not just because of the result but because this driver was one I respected and the move wasn't what I would have expected from him.

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Thanks to Michael Melis of Kartphoto.com for brilliant action shots.