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Arai choose Turney as karting brand ambassador

Since starting Karting Joe Turney has only ever trusted one brand of helmet and that is Arai.


His first CMR helmet, the CK6, saw him to many memorable victories including the becoming British Champion as well as taking the BNL title in juniors in 2016. Critically it survived a few significant incidents including a roll where his helmet remained totally intact.


With servicing and replacement parts available from Arai it makes the helmet a great long term investment.


Now age 16 Turney can use non CMR helmets and has invested in a GP6S sponsored by Arai and 130R Performance.


With paintwork supremely applied by RichArt Concepts Joe's distinctive helmets are well known in UK and EU karting.


In recognition of his successes and loyalty to the brand Arai awarded him a brand ambassador status and his CMR helmet proudly stood alongside Stebastian Vettel's and Gordon Shedden's at the 2018 Autosport Show.


Joe's advice is, spend as much as you can on your helmet and make sure you get it professionally fitted. Don't ever take a risk, it's protecting something pretty valuable!


He will only use Arai, make sure you check them out.

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