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2017 News

General News


Having won the two championships  I entered in 2016 is beyond anything I hoped for. I raced as well as I could and always had the best of support and back up from my team, KR Sport, and for that I am extremely grateful.


2017 brought more challenges mostly caused by MSA karting being  in a period of significant change and my focus switching as much as possible to exams.


Having won the British and a European title on a Rotax engine in 2016 I chose to race a new class, OK,  in the Junior category. This new class would run a Vortex engine and Vega tyres, both of which were totally new to me. Unlike my Rotax motor which had fixed jetting the Vortex would allow me to adjust the engine as I drove which is something I was first introduced to as a cadet in 2011. The Vortex is a push start unlike the button start Rotax.


Having been almost unbeateable in winter testing a last minute decision by the MSA to withdraw OK meant I had to step up to Senior racing with no preparation.


We raced Senior X30 with some success but I chose to focus on OK Senior which was reintroduced later in the season and was really pleased to become the British Vice Senior Champion but disappointed not to take the title. which was denied me at the last round.


In 2018 I plan to race in Rotax, if it returns and X30 Senior where I will aim to complete the season should funds permit.




Guest of Honour at Aston Martin


To celebrate my success and to discuss my plans with possible partners I was honoured by MK Community Foundation and Alexander Bsowell to be guest of Honour at a private function at the Aston Martin Heritage Suite in Newport Pagnell - Read more here...




Race Reports


Dominant at Ostricourt

Round two of BNL positions Turney for championship. Read more here...


Three rounds into X30s

A nightmare, a solid round and a podium. Read more here...


Crash marrs start at BNL in Senior Rotax

An accident at the start spoils an overall positive weekend. Read more here...


Topping the British Championships in OK Senior

Two rounds in but there is an issue to be resolved. Read more here...




















I am at the front of every class I am challenged to race in. I am a Championship winning driver  attracting publicity you could benefit from.  My journey could be immense and you could share it.


I'm seeking a partner to share my success  please email me at joe@joeturney.co.uk. Sponsorship is tax deductible, thank you.

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Thanks to Chris Walker of Kartpix.com for all of the photos on this page and my race reports apart from European rounds which are from Michael Melis at Kartphoto.com