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Turney announces collaboration with 130R Performance

Driver Development

Mental Skills Training

Endurance Fitness Coaching

The 130R  Performance focus is on the application of mental skills training and sport psychology within motorsport as although sport science and driver preparation are now a key consideration for teams, this still tends to focus on the physical side rather than mental readiness. With young drivers being ever pushed to more rapidly progress through the junior formula, their expertise in development can ensure that as well as drivers performing to their best ability, their progression is appropriate and furnishes their ongoing enjoyment of the sport even at the highest level of competition.


The importance of psychological skills and the way in which they are developed is pivotal in the manner in which athletes are able to successfully or unsuccessfully manage these transitions in their sporting lives.​​​ High level races can create a multitude of distracting factors that a driver may not have experienced before, and which training in a simulator or non-competitive test sessions can not fully replicate. Our aim is to train and prepare drivers to use mental skills on their own and ensure that these factors do not impact negatively on a race weekend.


With experience of endurance-based fitness coaching, they're strong believers in the benefits of a rounded program of cross-training for racing drivers, addressing specific areas such as heat tolerance, decision-making under fatigue and the ability to endure high heart rate zones for a prolonged period of time. Alongside the effective application of mental skills, they can support the drivers capacity to perform to their absolute best ability in every session, every weekend, every season.


It's a collaboration, the team, the driver, the support network - surround yourself with the best to be the best.

Motorsport is a team effort, no driver can win without his equipment being well prepared, no team can win without their driver being well prepared, and yet driver preparation is often overlooked with the focus being on set up and equipment.


Winning at the highest levels takes commitment, focus, stamina and athletic performance. Those who underestimate the demands on a driver in top level karting will most likely never achieve their full potential.


Drivers who hope to pursue their career and move into even more demanding areas of karting and motorsport must, at some point, invest in developing themselves as athletes or run the risk of falling short of their dreams.


There are many driver training and development organisations in the market but British and BNL no1 Turney was attracted to 130R Performance beacuse their well qualified team comes from not just a sports psychology background but from personal experience underpinned in endurance.


When Matthew Swindells, Director of 130R Performance, contacted Joe about a potential collaboration it was obvious that this driver development programme would provide many elements to support him on his racing journey and Joe had no hesitation in agreeing to work with them.

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Tel: +44 (0)7867 306314

Email: info@130Rperformance.com

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